School Bus Bully Alarm / Child Bullying Distress Indicator

School bus bully alarm Child Bullying Distress Indicator for pupil transportation child safety bully prevention and alert

School Bus Bully Alarm / Child Bullying Distress Indicator

This is a device that can be activated by students or child passengers in a school bus, day care bus, Pre K bus as well as church activities bus when they feel threatened or intimidated to not only call attention to the incident by the bus driver and others in the bus but trigger an event recording feature within the school bus camera surveillance system for later review by school, organization or company administrators.

School Bus Bully Alarm is a small device that emits a very loud sonic audible warble alert similar to ambulance sirens, as well as a bright LED strobe flashing light. It is extremely loud to overcome the high environmental noise often found in a school bus operation. The intended location is the rear wall near the roofline on the bus, so all can see the lights flashing and hear the audible alarm. Placement too close to the driver may start them if they are not aware the device is in the vehicle.

Due to its standalone configuration, it can be used alone or in conjunction with a mobile video camera system in the school bus. Depending on the wiring preferences, it is possible to have up to 100 remote triggers or student panic buttons, to provide access to all in the bus.

It will be up to the school district or user to determine if warning indicator decals may be required to provide driver notification the alarm is in the vehicle so they will have pre warning of what the alarm indicates when it is triggered. Driver training on what actions to take should the alarm be triggered will again be up to the school district or user to determine.

In light of the similarities between a school fire alarm and the School Bus Bully Alarm as a public alarm of a perceived threat or possible emergency there will be those who will trigger them when no threat or emergency exists. It would be wise to anticipate this problematic behavior by associating that bad behavior with a consequence to help deter those who might act in an inappropriate manor.

School Bus Bully Alarm aka Child Bullying Distress Indicator available from American Bus Video.

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